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Ravangla is a small town in the south of Sikkim, situated at a height of 8000ft. It is a secluded and tiny village that captures the true beauty of sikkim and its cultural aspects. The stunning sight of ginormous snow capped mountains surrounded by ravishing and heavenly tea plantations and paddocks that give this small but alluring village a picturesque view to the travelers and backpackers. Ravangla is one of the few places in Sikkim that offers a beguiling view of the great mount Kanchenjunga, mt.pandim, mt siniolchu, mt. Kabru. The town is not only packed with spectacular views, it also offers a pleasant cultural experience with the buddhist monasteries and parks and hot springs.


Ranvagla lies in between the capital city of gangtok and Pelling. It is approximately 65km away from Gangtok. The town is easily accessible.

How to reach-

By air- since the town is nestled and protected, reaching by air is quite a hassle as the nearest airport to ravangla is in Bagdogra. From there it is a 5-6 hours journey

By road- the best way to reach ravangla is by road as the highways are well built and well connected to the major cities in sikkim. One can easily take a taxi, bus or even go road tripping from siliguri, Darjeeling and kalimpong.

By train- new jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station from Ravangla, after that one has to take a taxi or a cab which will take about 5 hours.

Major attractions-

Buddha park- buddha park is also known as tathagata tsal, built in 2006 on the 2550th birth anniversary of lord Gautama is a historical sight to witness. The massive statue of lord Gautama buddha is assembled at a height of 130ft. The intimidating statue is an idiosyncratic feature of Buddhism in sikkim. Around this stupendous figue there is a never-ending grassland and misty view of Mountains. Entry fee for the park is 50 INR per person.

Rayong view point-

Rayong sunrise view point is situated on ravonhla- damthang road. It offers a thrilling view of the himalayan range. One can easily spot the singalila range and chola range of bhutan from the view point. The breathtaking scenery from the top of the range will leave you in amazement.

Ralang monastery-

Located approximately 6km away from ravangla the monastery is an epitome of Buddhist culture and is worshipped by the Buddhist community in all of sikkim. The monastery has an extensive collection of paintings and thangkas. Every year the monastery hosts a festival known as pang lhabsol in honor of mt. Kanchenjunga during the months of September and December.

Ralong hot springs-

The warm sulphurous warm descending straight from the holy mountains is nothing but a gift of mother nature herself. The water is said to have healing properties. A great deal of tourists visit the hot springs every year to indulge in this Mesmerizing and prepossessing sight. The view from the hotspring is ethereal and peaceful.

Temi tea estate-

Extended from about 1200-1800m, the tea estate produces superior quality of tea which, having a global demand, is grown and exported to the different parts of the world. The tea cultivated here is considered the best all over india and always remains in high demand. Tourists from all over the world do not miss a chance to take a little bit of heaven from this place. The arresting beauty of these gardens is not to be missed.

Best time to travel-

Ideally ravangla has soothing weather all year long but it is advised to avoid heavy rainfall seasons. April- June is the best time to witness the blossoming flora and the cherry blossoms that decorate the pathways all over sikkim. For a panoramic view of snow capped mountains October- march is the ideal time to visit ravangla as tourists can enjoy the fresh snow and bewitching view of the horizon.

Food eateries-

Sikkimese cuisine is becoming very popular in recent times, one can enjoy the staple cuisines like dal bhat, thukpa, momos, chhurpi and many more in every tiny corner cafe or restaurant in sikkim.

Travel story-

2 years ago i decided to go on a solo trip. After researching many destinations and consulting many travelling agencies, i came across one online article on ravangla,sikkim, and that was enough to convince me to choose sikkim as my next travel destination. I booked a flight and then a bus to travel to ravangla. It was a small town in the south of Sikkim nestled in this exquisite valley, enwreathed in pictorial landscapes and calming scenery. As soon as i landed i knew i was in the right place. Sikkim is one of the most peaceful and clean states in India and it shows. The tranquility of the place was like a calm shot. As if my mind and soul was finally at rest. Far from the city life, the composure that place had is still unmatched and hard to find in any other place. The monasteries, hot springs, tea gardens and parks are culturally enhancing and enlightening. It was an amazing and enriching cultural and religious experience of finding oneself. The entire vibe of the place is philosophical and will help you reach the level of equanimity with its unvarying heritage and perpetual lifestyle.


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