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The wild existence of flora and fauna at an altitude of about 6000m, sounds hypnotic right? Every year a great deal of travelers and nature lovers come to explore this absolutely heavenly sight. The Himalayas are that beautiful crown of nature that shines because of its innate aura, exceptional coniferous forests and spell binding beauty. The great Himalayan national park falls under UNESCO world heritage sights, It is a biodiversity hotspot for anyone who is looking for some peace and unequivocally raw nature. The extended meadows, the unspoiled trails and untouched wildlife sanctuary makes it one of the most endearing and inimitable places in the entire Himalayan region of north India. It is a home to over 832 plant species, 74 species of amphibians, 218 species of fish, 149 species of reptiles, 528 species of birds and 241 species of mammals that breath in a ecologically diverse environment.


The Himalayan national park is located in the western part of the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It comes under the Seraj forest division about 50-60 km from Kullu.

How to reach

It is not that hard to step foot in these Elysian fields of Himalayas. One can easily reach the spot by-

BY ROAD- A lot of people living in neighboring states can easily commute by road, a great deal of young people and families choose to go road tripping for amusement. The roads of these unsurpassable mountains make an exquisite view for the travelers.

BY AIR- For a quick leisure time for people looking for utmost comfort in the serene hill tops one can take a quick flight for a weekend get-away.

BY RAIL- ‘Trains and Mountains’ definitely gives an unskippable view to the travelers.

Major attractions-

TIRTHAN VALLEY- The Tirthan valley is Himalayas best kept secret. Resting at an altitude of about 1600m above sea level, the trail lays out an intimidating experience for its campers and trekkers. Every year the valley witnesses abundance of serious campers as well as backpackers driven to conquer the beautiful trails. The trek covers a total distance of 76km of distance.

SAINJ VALLEY- Sainj valley is yet another breath taking trek of the Himalayan national park. The shenshar temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions with a great view that will leave you in awe. Serene cumulative peaks encircling the outpouring white waters and long stretches of Shangarh meadows are admirable and will give you a feeling of emancipation.

PARVATI VALLEY- Parvati valley runs along the river Parvati, the valley is famous among the backpackers and travelers. It is situated at kullu district, the valley is famous for its natural hot spring waters and local folklores that lets the travelers capture the true spirit of the place. A lot of zealots visit the valley for its local folk tales about lord Shiva and Guru Nanak Devji. Rudra Nag is one of the hotspots for the backpackers and nature enthusiasts as the waterfall is shaped like a serpent which gives an interesting view to the onlookers.

JIWA NAL VALLEY- The Jiwa nal valley lies adjacent to the Sainj valley and is said to be the most difficult treks for its high altitude and wearying trails and is only advisable to the trekkers who have adequate knowledge and experience of trekking and camping as the trek is highly demanding for sometimes even for the skillful alpinists.

Best time to visit-

 The valley have the best climate for climbers who are looking for a clearer view of the breath taking sights of wildlife and almost untouched biodiversity of flora and fauna with most of them being endemic species. The best suggested time to visit the valley is from March to June as a lot of excursionists stay here to escape from the scorching heat of the summers. From September and November again the valley witness notable amount of visitors and backpackers. Monsoon and winters are suggested to be avoided for their extreme landslides, snow-slips and chilly weather.

Food eateries-

The park accommodates all kinds of travelers, with local as well as offshore outlets for every taste the food will not disappoint you here, to get the best taste of the regional food it is recommended to try local cuisines. The place is full of tea stalls and small eateries along the way that will run down all your fatigue.

Travel story-

          Tired from the chaotic life of city, I was looking of an escapade on the internet when I came across the great Himalayan national park as I sat there in my hometown glaring at the beautiful pictures of the breath taking view of the valleys and the rich biodiversity, something inside of me told me to mark it with my own eyes. And by the end of the week I was standing before this stunning landscape. For a moment there I went astray and took a minute to come back to my physical existence. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I spent a day just going about wandering the local market, observing the life there and capturing the serene beauty of the park while storing my energy for the next day as I was about began my trek with my crew. I was about to go on a life changing experience and had no idea of what was in store for me. The first day was excruciating but gratifying as we laid our tents for the night I spent some time outside the camping area along the river. The fresh snowmelt water, the Astronomical sky that bespangled the heavens above me, the wilderness of the grassland and forest, the moon that lit the whole valley and the dark blue sky reminded me of the painting starry night by Van Gogh as if Van Gogh himself witnessed this very sight and illustrated the painting right here. In that moment I just sat there for hours, I didn’t want to miss even a slightest bit of that night. It looked like all the stars had congregated there for me. It was indeed a remarkable and impressive view.




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